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14. Development of a Versatile and Sensitive Direct Ligand Binding Assay for Human NR5A Nuclear Receptors 

Part of the "Women in Chemistry" Cluster

13. Development of the First Low-Nanomolar Liver Receptor Homolog-1 Agonist Through Structure-Guided Design

13. Radical alpha-C-H Cyclobutylation of Aniline Derivatives

12. Selective C-F Functionalization of Unactivated Trifluoromethylarenes

11. Intermolecular Reactions of Pyridyl Radicals with Olefins via Photoredox Catalysis

10. Catalytic Strategy for Regioselective Arylethylamine Synthesis

9. Radical Hydroarylation of Functionalized Olefins and Mechanistic Investigation of Photocatalytic Pyridyl Radical Reactions

8. Development of Hybrid Phospholipid Mimics as Effective Agonists for Liver Receptor Homolog-1

7. Aminoalkyl Radicals as Powerful Intermediates for the Synthesis of Unnatural Amino Acids and Peptides

6. Catalytic Defluoroalkylation of Trifluoromethylaromatics with Unactivated Alkenes

5. A Practical and Scalable System for Heteroaryl Amino Acid Synthesis

3. Screening and Functional Profiling of Small-Molecule HIV-1 Entry and Fusion Inhibitors

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